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Produce 101: Peas, Beans, & Corn

Produce 101: Peas, Beans, and Corn This one is a little different. Today we are going to talk about three seemingly different items, but they are intertwined. How Peas, Beans, and Corn are connected The Three Sisters is an ancient, symbiotic growing method that has been utilized by Native Americans for centuries. Three different crops—corn,...

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People, passion, produce, peas: shoots and tendrils

Continuing our blog about English peas, Marvin and I had a nice chat about another avenue of spring peas: shoots and tendrils. Marvin Wilhite of Cahaba Clubs in Odessa, Florida in the Tampa Bay area is a long standing business partner of Sysco/FreshPoints across the country, but here in Florida, we are fortunate enough to...

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People, passion, produce, and peas.

Whoever said, “Like two peas in a pod” to describe people as being so similar as to be indistinguishable, or nearly so, really sold the English pea short. A good pea pod worth its weight in chlorophyll will have five to eight peas in it. Seven if you’re lucky! With their bright green color and...

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