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Produce 101: Asparagus

Produce 101: Asparagus Dan spearheads a discussion on asparagus in this edition of our series, Produce 101. Asparagus History Asparagus is a true harbinger of spring, though these days, it is available year-round. Related to the onion, this member of the lily family has been grown for thousands of years, in fact, we have historical...

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Why Clementines are Mandarins, but not all Mandarins are Clementines…

Clementines vs. Mandarins… When it comes to Clementines vs. Mandarins, the Mandarin is the master orange of the family, and Clementines, tangerines, and satsumas all fall under this umbrella. Referred to as mandarins because they are thought to have originated in China, and as they passed through the trade route across Africa (Tangier in particular,) they...

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Fiddlehead ferns freshpoint produce

Fiddlehead Ferns: is it really a fern you are eating?

The last member of the Spring Trilogy may be the most misunderstood and underappreciated item: Fiddlehead Ferns. Appearing in temperate climates early in the spring season, Fiddlehead Ferns have been consumed for centuries.  It is thought that early French settlers sought out Fiddleheads in North America, though it was a common item in Medieval Europe,...

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Ramps: these wild leeks will ramp up your spring menu

Ramps, aka wild leeks, are part of what we call the Spring Trilogy. The other two members are Morel Mushrooms and Fiddlehead Ferns, and are one of the most eagerly anticipated spring items.  Also called spring onions, ramson, wild leeks, and even wild garlic, Ramps have a pungent aroma that mellows out once they’re cooked....

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Everyone needs friends, including rhubarb

Good on its own, but better with friends. This could pretty much be the anthem of rhubarb, and life. There seems to be a dearth of recipes calling for simply prepared rhubarb, highlighting the spring seasonal freshness of this vegetable. Or is it a fruit? Technically speaking it is a vegetable, but here in the...

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What is the annual produce field transition?

Around November and April, the major growing areas in Yuma and Salinas alternate, and it’s a big deal in the produce industry. Entire harvesting and processing operations pick up and move–from the equipment to the hard working harvesters. It’s a monumental operational and logistical feat, but don’t worry, our growers have got it down to...

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Stinging nettles

So, what makes stinging nettles sting?

Stinging Nettles are as ancient as they are misunderstood. Loathed by many as an irritating and often invasive plant, others look for the annual nettle crop as a harbinger of spring.  Used by the ancients as a medicine, a food source and a fiber source, the nettle continues to be prized in many cultures today. ...

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